What is Pay with Bank transfer?

Pay With Bank Transfer, powered by American Express allows you to securely pay via a direct transfer from your bank account with no account setup required. What’s more, with the payment itself being handled entirely by your bank, none of your payment details are stored by American Express.

What do I need to use Pay with Bank?

All you need to use Pay with Bank transfer is a UK bank account with one of our supported banks. You will also need to have online banking enabled.

Where will I see the transaction?

The transaction will be reflected on your bank statement issued by the bank you selected to make the payment form.

Do I need to have an American Express® card?

No, Pay with Bank transfer is powered by American Express but open to everyone, so you don’t need to have an American Express Card. All you need is a UK bank account with one of our supported banks (all major banks and most challenger banks).

How long does it take to reflect in my bank account?

Once the transaction has been approved by your bank, your bank account will be debited instantly, so no pending payments.

I can’t see my preferred bank

Currently, Pay with Bank transfer works with all major UK banks, and many smaller or challenger banks. We’re always adding new banks to the service. However, if you can’t see your preferred bank listed, then please choose an alternative bank you hold an account with or an alternative payment method. 

I want a refund, or to return my purchase

If you need a refund or return, please contact the business you made the purchase from. All refunds and returns will be processed by the business and are subject to their refund and returns processes.

I have not received the product I purchased

If you do not receive the goods or services, you purchased then please contact the business you have made the purchase from. Please keep your order number handy so that the business can track the transaction and assist you.